Wood Carvings

Wood carvings express the culture of the Philippines. Filipinos are excellent wood carvers and it has been part of their culture for centuries with many designs passed down through families. In addition to traditional carvings you will find a huge selection of small sculptures, characterures and functional items such utensils for the household. There are also many religious carvings and larger pieces that are either life size sculptures or items of furniture made form a single piece of wood.

The type of wood is a big determining factor in the cost of a wood carving. There are many types of wood with the most expensive being Kamagong (also known as Ebony or Black Ivory). The kamagong or mabolo (Diospyros philippinensis) is prized for its excellent ebony wood. There is a dwindling supply of kamagong in the Philippines and you will find it used only for finer work. At the other end of the spectrum the cheaper novelty items will usually be produced in coco lumber.

Source: Visiting Cebu

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