Sea Shell Handicraft

Cebu is a center for the producing quality shell craft products that will make that perfect holiday souvenir and be functional. Choose from a wide range of sea shells handicrafted Fashion Accessories and Jewelries, like Shells Necklaces, Puka Shell, Bags, Bracelets, Hairclips, Earrings, Slippers, Coco placemat, Coco and Shell Curtains, Jewelry Boxes, lamp shades, candle holder, picture frames, table decors and many other items all handcrafted and made of natural coco, woods and shell components and materials.

With the abundance of sea-life, Cebu’s shell-craft industry has metamorphosed into one of the island’s top exports. The Cebu Fame (Fashion Accessories Manufactuer and Exporters) traced its roots from the humble puka-shells of the 1980s to its present state of sophisticated costume jewelry reaching the Europe and the United States markets in all shapes and forms-from cheap to darn-expensive. This segment exports close to US$100 million worth of products annually.

Sources: Visiting cebu, The Province of Cebu

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