Ngohiong or Ngo yong is a fried vegetable lumpia filled with heart of palm, or ubod. This is the center of the coconut tree’s top portion. It is tender, sweet and mellow flavor. Ngoyong is served with a hot dipping sauce and eaten with poso or rice.

As the name ngohiong implies, it is a food from the Chinese restaurants. A typical ngohiong would cost only P6.00 a piece.

The best ngohiong places are those that have ngohiong in their signboards. Come lunch time, they would have long queues of people young and old, male and female, waiting patiently for their turn. The selection is varied. They could have fried chicken parts, chorizos, egg, bananas, atchara, liver, pancit and poso.

The ngohiong itself should be bland. The wrapper should be crispy. It should be hot, as it gets soggy when cold. And it is oily, since it is fried. Inside the ngohiong is mainly just ubod, with slight variations in vegetables and meat for every establishment. It may also contain sinkamas, pork, shrimp, spices, or green onions. Ngohiong varies in length, thickness, aroma, color, crispness, and the price.

Source: Eating Out in Cebu Blog – Ngohiong, Deep Fried with Hot Dipping Sauce and Soy Sauce

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