Mountain View Nature’s Park

Mountain View Nature Park is a nature park just a few hundred meters below the famed TOPS Garden It’s basically a nature park and it’s designed to suit the needs of all members of the family, friends ug mga barkadas esp mga uyabs, hehehee. It has a children’s Park, a botanical garden, picnic tables, hundreds of benches, Videoke machines, a zoo, some cabins, viewing decks, hanging bridges, mini-restaurants, a mini Nayong Pilipino, way of the cross, a christmas park and so many more.
Going to Sitio Garahe, Busay and at the peak of the park is the Main View where the city looks very spectacular – especially at night. People who visit Mountain View usually start here and hike down towards the other ’sub parks’ to take photos or just find a nice spot to relax and absord the awesome view. They say that this is the most favorite spot of visitors.

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