Located in the southwest of Cebu city with a couple of hours drive. Moalboal have numerous magnificent diving sites to offer. These dive site offers sea adventurers the opportunity to have a good view to the variety of coral life and marine life. Dive sites here are ideal for photography. Fan corals and gorgonians are everywhere as are sponges, crinoids and shells. Divers will also encounter Reef fishes like sweetlips, tangs, gobies and lionfish. You will also encounter large pelagics including shark, barracuda, tuna, manta rays and groupers.

Dive sites in MoalBoal also have superb drop-offs overhangs all around. Some of the spectacular and enchanting dive sites in Moalboal are Ronda Bay, Tuble Reef, Tongo Point, Lambug, Pescador Island and etc.

Source: Cebu Dive Spots

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