The masareal is a very popular delicacy of Cebu which has originated in the city of Mandaue. Its pieces are in a form of rectangular bars and are grouped and packed in paper. The packing in paper, then is being secured by using a piece of plastic twine or string.
The ingredients of a masareal include the peanuts, which are finely ground, and sugar syrup. Together, they are mixed to create a sweet and delicious mouth-watering delight. A bar of masareal is a favourite of kids who often like sweets. Nevertheless, even adults keep on wanting for more especially with balikbayans. The masareal is most famous to come from a family living created in Doña Rosario Village in Mandaue City. It is a good variety or product that is made of peanuts, and no doubt, peanut-lovers list masareal as one of their all-time favourites.

Interestingly, the masareal today has adapted new changes and innovations, including its new shapes and sizes. Now, masareal is available in heart shapes and other fancy shapes you can think of.

Source: Cebu Sweet Delicacies

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