Haladaya Festival

Haladaya Festival is honor to the patron saint of Daanbantayan, St. Rose of Lima. Before in 1834, Daanbantayan was so-called “Kandaya” a name from the leader of first malayan settlers, si “Datu Daya”. This is why people of Daanbantayan will celebrate the Haldaya Festival because from the word of “Haladaya” which means “Halad Kang Datu Daya!” They will offer a dance and thanksgiving of Datu Daya for defending the town from harassment and attacks from the Moro pirates and making the Daanbantayan Cebu a progressive town.

As we all know, Haladaya Festival grabbed about 5 winning entries during the Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2009 which held in CICC (Cebu International Convention Center, Mandaue Cebu City) last August 15. 3rd Place in Ritual Showdown, 1st Place in Street Dancing Competitions, 4th place Best in Costumes, 4th place Best in Andas and 1st place Pasigarbo Festival Queen 09. Expect the winning dance entry of the group this coming Haladaya Festival 09.

While on the other side, the local officials town government of Daanbantayan Cebu headed by Mayor Sun Shimura and Vice Mayor Maria Luisa Loot and other municipal members are very supportive to the Festival. Where in fact Vice Mayor Maria Luisa Loot initiated the street dancing before in 2004.

Expect the unexpected!! One of the big highlights in the festival are the Haladaya Festival Queen, Street dancing competition and the grand parade called Haladaya.

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