Dried Mangoes

From the name itself, it is mango that is sun dried and ripe. But, well, Cebu’s dried mango is not your usual and ordinary dried mango. Cebu’s dried mango is most famous for its distinctive taste that will surely leave you craving for more. Cebu’s mangoes have a sweet yet sour taste.  The ripe dried mangoes are also packed perfect for snacks.

Dried mangoes are excellent fat-free alternatives to sugary snacks.  With its sweet and non-acidic zest, this dried fruit product is rich in vitamins and made from the best handpicked mangoes of Cebu.  Each bite is guaranteed to be tasty, chewy and full of flavor.

These fruit snacks are perfect for every occasion.  You can serve them as appetizers or desserts in dinners.  You can even bring them to outdoor excursions and outings.  These chewy nibbles are perfect whether you are at work, at play, or simply at home.

Source : Cebu Sweet Delights: Dried Mangoes, For the Sweet Tooth: Cebu’s Delicacies-Dried Mangoes

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