The bay area of Tabo-an here in Cebu might just as well considered as the fish haven of the metropolis. This is where retail and wholesale quantities are found as much as the availability and affordable price of fresh fishes, squids and other raw seafood that are up-for-grabs. A large volume of residents as well as local and foreign tourists take their gamble into getting the best priced sea products and Cebu delicacies as well.

Dried mangoes/mango strips, otap, rosquillo cookies and the famous salted dried fish of Cebu – danggit.

For those who don’t really know how tasty danggit is to be paired with a hot cup of rice, then you may have missed a minute of your life. This is actually one of the best combo I ever had, especially when it rains (I don’t know about you but, somehow, it makes me eat more during this weather). Dipped in vinegar, others may want it with a mix of crushed chili peppers and a dash of salt to make it so like the last food on earth. Others would prefer sprinkling it with spices onions, garlic, ginger and others. Whatever it is that you would like to add, the overall taste of danggit would certainly become tenfold whenever there’s vinegar around. However, with or without it, Cebuanos still prefer this treat than any other meal for the day.

Danggit, by most people, refer to it as a poor man’s food. But, nowadays, it has becoming a national treat to the rich and poor classes that is often included during any meal of the day. I would recommend for you to eat this with bare hands to experience that danggit tastiness. After all, eating with your bare hands (thoroughly washed, of course) is a Filipino way of representing humility. But putting that value aside, the use of spoon and fork will not help you at all. This would certainly make it hard for you to eat your danggit in an enjoyable manner.

This certainly suggest that man-made utensils is not entirely needed to enjoy our brand of food, especially when one wants to enjoy the great meal danggit matched with a cup of rice and vinegar in any time of the day.

Source: Cebu Products

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