Celestial Garden

The Celestial Garden is one of two prominent gardens in Cebu City. It is actually a cemetery and memorial park that is owned and managed by the Tanchan Foundation, Inc.
The park and garden is set on 12 hectares of rolling hills surrounded by various plants and trees. The entrance to the park is highlighted by two imposing arches with the statues of two saints on top of the left and right side of the arches.
The place has become popular with locals and tourists for its panoramic view of Cebu City and for the life statues depicting the passion and death of Jesus Christ.
The Celestial Garden is most visited by thousands during Holy Week, which usually occurs either late March or early April. Many of them are Roman Catholics who go to the park to commemorate Holy Week by praying at every station of the 12 Stations of the Cross. The Catholic tradition of praying and meditating in every station of the cross is called the Way of the Cross.

Source: Cebu Celestial Garden

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