CAP Arts Center

The CAP Arts Center immortalizes Don Sergio Osmeña Sr., the grand gentleman of Philippine politics, and himself a maker of history.
Mary Abad, CAP Arts Center curator said that when the Osmeña house was put up for sale, big businessmen made a bid for it. The CAP bought the property but decided to retain its ambiance.
The first things one sees at the Center are black, antique in-laid furniture. A 1947 chandelier hangs over the dining area, a mute witness to many a state meeting with dignitaries from all over the world in attendance. The “MacArthur Room” transports you to the time when Don Sergio and his military advisers might have probably hatched the plan for some military strategies. The “Osmeña Room” contains Don Sergio’s memorabilia. Here, you find the suits he wore while he was in exile in the U.S., a photo essay of his political career, his travels, and meetings with some of the most distinguished gentlemen he rubbed elbows with.
There is an old trunk full of sound system and communications paraphernalia which General Douglas MacArthur brought to Leyte and used as their communications system during the war. A shiny black Cadillac sits in the center of the room, the car that brought Don Sergio to many functions.
The CAP Arts Center added an annex that exhibits the works of amateur and professional artists of Cebu and the region.

Source: CAP Arts Center

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