Bantayan Church

Bantayan was the first parish to be established in Cebu by the Augustinians. It was founded on June 11, 1580 as the Convento dela Asuncion de Nuestra SeƱora. It was one of the few parishes to be a part of the Archdiocese of Mexico (with the Archdiocese of Manila separating only in 1595) and is older than San Nicolas by four years (the latter founded in 1584)!
The present church is probably the fourth or fifth church erected, with the other churches destroyed by natural calamities and the constant Moro raids who did not only leave the island in wreck but also abducted its residents.
This church was built by an Ilonggo priest named Padre Doroteo Andrada del Rosario from 1839-1863. It probably has the thickest walls among all stone churches in Cebu, being not only a house of God but also a refuge during the times when Christians were in constant danger.
Bantayan is now known for its marvelous processions and is inundated with people during Holy Week.
In 2005, a museum was inaugurated during the time of Rev. Fr. Camilo Alia, EV, in celebration of the 425th anniversary of the founding of the parish with no less than the archbishop of Manila, Gaudencio Rosales in attendance.

Source: Bantayan Church

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